Goodnight Vienna – a bottle of Zweigelt in the house brings back happy memories

28 Aug

Good to have a Zweigelt in the house in response to calls for samples to match difficult ingredients like honey and soy sauce.  Not sure yet how Little J from Jurtschitsch will work with the specific recipes we are testing, but sneaking a first taste has brought back happy memories of discovering how much good wine is made in Austria and bringing home our first bottles from Wein & Co. in Vienna.

Reds like Zweigelt and Blauerfrankisch are still too rarely seen on British shelves – whites make up the lion’s share of Austrian wine production.  Grunveltliner seems to have become hugely fashionable in the past couple of years, at least on London restaurant wine lists, and is raising the flag for Austrian whites.   Well done, Adnams, for bringing in Little J for under £10 -with all that fruit, should work well with chicken braised with sweet potatoes, carrots, prunes and honey.  We’ve certainly enjoyed it with tafelspitz in Vienna….here’s a link to tasting notes on the Little J from Adnams:


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